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ROYBI Robot Review: Everything You Need To Know About This Smart Educational Companion in 2024

ROYBI Robot is a remarkable tutor powered by Artificial Intelligence, designed to give children a private and tailored educational experience. Catering primarily to kids aged 2-8 for English content, ROYBI offers a vast array of over 1,000 lessons in Science, Tech, and Math, covering topics from Astronomy to Self-care. Beyond just academics, it fosters creativity, communication skills, and even aids in speech improvement. Portable and durable, this drop-tested companion is an unlimited learning resource, adapting to your child’s progress and voice, ensuring they stay ahead in today’s fast-paced educational landscape.

Pricing and Features of ROYBI Robot Companion

The ROYBI Robot Companion is taking strides in the field of children’s education through its innovative approach and state-of-the-art technology. With its blend of modern features and effective teaching methods, it promises to be a game-changer in the way children learn and engage with academic content. In this review, we’ll delve into the pricing and features of the ROYBI Robot Companion.

Price and Discounts

Priced at $149.95 on the official website (30TODAY to get a discount of $30), the ROYBI Robot Companion offers much value for the money, given its extensive features. Additionally, there’s a 14-day return policy, giving you ample time to try and test the product. But I would recommend going to Amazon where it is currently $79!

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Key Features

Voice Recognition: One of the standout features is its voice recognition capability. The robot can comprehend your child’s responses, making interactions more engaging and personal.

High-Resolution Camera: Equipped with a 1080p camera, the ROYBI Robot Companion isn’t just for display. This camera is designed for facial and emotion detection, allowing the robot to greet your child and facilitate an interactive learning experience. As a safety measure, the camera comes with privacy covers, ensuring that you can turn it off whenever you deem necessary. Plus, parents can also use it to see and communicate with their child.


Durability and Safety: Durability is a must when it comes to children’s toys, and the ROYBI Robot Companion is no exception. It’s drop-resistant, ensuring it can withstand minor falls. Additionally, the accessories it comes with are manufactured using medical-grade materials, ensuring maximum safety for children.

Battery Life and Charging: With a battery life exceeding 8 hours on standby, you won’t find yourself reaching for the charger frequently. And when you do need to power it up, the included wireless charging plate ensures hassle-free charging.

Parental Control App: For those who like to be hands-on with their child’s education, the ROYBI Robot Companion comes with a dedicated app available for both iOS and Android. This intuitive app allows parents to browse, schedule, and play lessons, songs, or stories, ensuring that they are in control of their child’s learning journey.

Privacy and Subscription Details

A noteworthy mention is that the ROYBI Robot Companion is designed to support one child per device. This design choice prioritizes the child’s privacy and security. Moreover, there’s no monthly subscription fee. The original English content and categories that come with the robot are available for free. However, do note that a Wifi connection is required for functionality.

The ROYBI Robot Companion, with its blend of features and affordability, offers a promising solution for parents looking to enhance their child’s educational experience.

Benefits of Using the ROYBI Robot Companion. Is It Worth It?

The world of children’s education is witnessing a revolution, and the ROYBI Robot Companion is leading the charge. Designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, this AI-powered educational companion is a game-changer for young learners. We will delve into the benefits of integrating the ROYBI Robot Companion into your child’s learning journey.

Academically Vetted for Efficacy

The ROYBI Robot Companion isn’t just another tech toy; it’s a meticulously designed educational tool that has undergone rigorous academic testing. Certified programs and cutting-edge technology come together to ensure your child not only learns, but enjoys the process. Although individual outcomes may vary, the overarching aim is to make learning more efficient and joyous for every child.

Statistics That Speak

  • Reduced Screen Time: With a 46% reduction in screen time, children can engage more with the physical world around them.
  • Enhanced Engagement: A whopping 84% increase in engagement ensures that children are actively involved in their learning process.
  • Daily Interaction: On average, children interact with ROYBI for 3.5 hours daily, indicating its appeal and effectiveness.

Innovative Learning Approach

ROYBI stands out as a pioneering approach to self-guided learning. By harnessing Artificial Intelligence, it hones essential life skills in children, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. With ROYBI as their companion, children are equipped with tools that will illuminate their path to achieving their full potential.

A Fun Learning Companion

Imagine a tutor that’s not just effective, but also incredibly fun. That’s ROYBI for you. As a friendly learning companion, it offers daily lessons, engaging storytelling, and interactive conversations. Parents can easily set lessons via the app and monitor their child’s progress week by week.


Expansive Curriculum

ROYBI’s curriculum is vast and ever-evolving. With over 500 lessons spanning a myriad of subjects, from STEM to language learning, it ensures that the skills children acquire will benefit them long into their adult lives.

Fostering Joy in Learning

Success with ROYBI translates to joy. As children accomplish more activities, they experience ‘success endorphins’, associating happiness with learning. This association not only broadens their knowledge horizons but also instills in them a love for lifelong learning.

Learning Without Boundaries

With ROYBI, the world becomes a classroom. Accessible from any corner of the globe, it ensures that quality education is always within reach, transforming every environment into a potential learning space.

Multilingual Capabilities

  • Mastering English: For non-native speakers, ROYBI offers specially crafted ESL lessons developed by certified educators.
  • Diving into Foreign Languages: Beyond English, ROYBI introduces children to Mandarin and Spanish, paving the way for bilingual or even trilingual proficiency.

Tailored Vocabulary Lessons

Through role-playing, pronunciation drills, and word games, ROYBI motivates children to confidently integrate new terms into their lexicon. Its AI capabilities customize lessons to match each child’s learning pace and style, ensuring an optimal balance between challenge and comprehension.


Tracking Vocabulary Growth

One of the standout features of the ROYBI Robot Companion is its ability to offer insights into vocabulary development. Both children and parents can visualize progress over time, serving as both a motivational tool and a testament to the robot’s efficacy.

The ROYBI Robot Companion is more than just a technological marvel; it’s a transformative tool in the realm of children’s education, promising a brighter future for young learners everywhere.

The Future: Exploring the Roybiverse VR

The subject of education and entertainment is always evolving, and with the introduction of the Roybiverse, it’s clear that the future is bright and full of immersive possibilities. This expansion from the ROYBI Robot Companion into the digital metaverse promises to redefine how we perceive edutainment. Let’s uncover what the Roybiverse VR has in store for us.

A New Frontier in Edutainment | The Advent of RoybiVerse

The horizon of edutainment is expanding, and at the forefront is the upcoming RoybiVerse. This venture signifies the brand’s foray into the metaverse, aiming to transform traditional educational frameworks. Envisioned as one of the pioneering intelligent edutainment metaverses, RoybiVerse is not just a virtual world; it’s a paradigm shift in how we approach education, learning, and collaboration.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Every aspect of the RoybiVerse is designed with VR compatibility in mind. This ensures that users can immerse themselves in a plethora of virtual educational experiences tailored for a diverse age group. From K-12 students to those in higher education, the RoybiVerse offers something for everyone, ensuring that learning is not just informative but also engaging.

A Collaborative Ecosystem

At its core, the RoybiVerse is more than just a platform; it’s a community. The ecosystem fosters interactions where users can cater to each other’s learning needs, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances the overall educational experience.

For those eager to get a firsthand glimpse of this exciting new venture, you can visit the official RoybiVerse website to stay updated on its developments.

The Roybiverse is not just the next step for the ROYBI brand; it’s a leap into the future of edutainment. With its promise of immersive, collaborative, and tailored learning experiences, the Roybiverse is set to revolutionize the landscape of education for generations to come.

Conclusion: The Value of ROYBI Robot Companion in Today’s World

The ROYBI Robot Companion stands out not just as a product, but as a testament to the advancements in pedagogical methodologies and technological integration. Let’s recapitulate the value this remarkable robot brings to the table in contemporary times.

An Alliance with Excellence Benchmarked with the Best

Finland has long been revered for its top-tier educational methodologies, consistently clinching the #1 spot in global education rankings. To align with such high standards, ROYBI collaborated with Education Alliance Finland. After a rigorous 8-month review process involving seasoned educators, the ROYBI Robot earned their esteemed approval, validating its capacity to deliver high-caliber content to young learners.

STEM Authentication

In today’s world, STEM education is pivotal. ROYBI Robot has received validation from, affirming its efficacy in:

  • STEM/ STEAM Education
  • Design Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • 21st Century Skills

Furthermore, it integrates effortlessly into STEM-centric households and aligns perfectly with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards.

Prioritizing Privacy

At the heart of ROYBI’s mission is an unwavering commitment to safeguarding user privacy. Every piece of data is securely stored, with transparent consent mechanisms in place throughout the user journey. Notably, ROYBI adheres to COPPA compliance, reinforcing its dedication to child privacy. Users also have the autonomy to disable the robot’s camera or utilize the provided privacy cover, ensuring peace of mind.

Awards and Recognitions

The ROYBI Robot Companion hasn’t gone unnoticed in the industry. Its accolades include:

The ROYBI Robot Companion represents the confluence of innovation, education, and user-centricity. Its value in the modern world is undeniable, promising a brighter, smarter future for the next generation. Additionally, keep an eye out for the upcoming Roybiverse, which promises to be another feather in ROYBI’s cap.

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