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Little Passports Review: The Best Learning Kits For Kids

Welcome to my Little Passports Review! Embark on a journey with Little Passports, the direct-to-consumer brand that’s revolutionizing the way kids learn about geography, culture, science, and art. With a heart set on inspiring young minds, Little Passports crafts original stories and activities designed to spark curiosity and celebrate the diverse world we inhabit. Catering to eager learners from age 3, the brand offers a spectrum of subscriptions, from Early Explorers and Animals Wild for preschoolers to Science Expeditions for the budding scientists aged 8 and above. With nine unique journeys to choose from, Little Passports ignites a sense of adventure and discovery in children, empowering them to explore new interests and embrace global cultures.

Unpacking the Value: Pricing and What’s Included in Little Passports

Little Passports Review

Subscription Options and Pricing

Little Passports offers a variety of flexible pricing options designed to accommodate different preferences and budgets. For those looking to dip their toes into the world of educational exploration, a monthly subscription is available at $30.95. For a more committed journey, the 6-month plan provides a modest discount at $173.70, breaking down to $28.95 per month. For the ultimate adventurers, a 12-month plan is offered at $299.40, billed annually, which translates to substantial savings over the monthly rate. Additionally, Little Passports features bundled deals on some of these 12-month plans. These subscription options are thoughtfully designed to deliver a new package of hands-on projects, stories, and activities each month, fostering children’s curiosity in science, math, space, animals, and world cultures.

What’s Included in Your Subscription

Upon subscribing, families can expect a monthly delivery filled with a variety of educational materials. Each package is a gateway to new discoveries, offering activity booklets that blend learning with fun, stories that transport children to different parts of the globe, and stickers to mark their progress and achievements. The content is thoughtfully curated to encourage learning about diverse subjects in an interactive manner.

Many families find that one subscription can be shared among siblings, making Little Passports not only an educational tool but also a source of family bonding. Additionally, the automatic renewal feature ensures that the adventures keep coming month after month, without any interruption. However, for those who wish to pause or stop their journey, canceling the renewal is straightforward and hassle-free.

Gifting Little Passports

Recognizing the value of Little Passports as a thoughtful and enriching gift, they have made it easy to send subscriptions as presents. Upon ordering, you can opt to send a gift email to the lucky recipient, letting them know about the exciting adventures ahead. This email can include a personalized message that will accompany the first package, making the unboxing experience even more special. For a more tangible touch, a downloadable and printable gift card is also available, perfect for those who love to add a personal hand-delivered note.

A Closer Look at STEM & Science-Based Subscriptions

Animals Wild (Ages 3-5)

Animals Wild invites preschoolers to explore animal habitats across the globe through interactive playlets, 3-D animals, and DIY activities. Each month’s kit, such as “Amok in the Amazon!” or “Stomp the Serengeti!”, is a passport to learning fun facts about the animal kingdom, fostering a love for nature and wildlife.

Space Quest (Ages 6-8)

Space Quest propels young astronauts on a mission through the stars with monthly kits filled with science-driven projects, comic book stories, and posters. From building a mini planetarium to launching rockets, each package is a launchpad for imagination and discovery.

Craft Discovery (Ages 5-8)

Blending DIY crafts with educational content, Craft Discovery kits like “Color Shine Valentines” and “Backyard Bird Bungalow” offer seasonally themed projects that teach children about geography, science, art, and culture through creative expression.

Science Junior (Ages 5-8)

Science Junior kits take children on global expeditions to learn about scientific concepts through hands-on activities and stories. From the habitats of Weddell seals to the mysteries of optical illusions, each kit is an adventure in learning and fun.

Science Expeditions (Ages 8+)

For the older kids, Science Expeditions opens up a world of advanced scientific exploration across chemistry, physics, and more. Each month’s kit, whether it’s about forensic science or fluid mechanics, comes with experiments, activities, and books designed to challenge and engage young minds.

World Cultures & Geography Subscriptions

Early Explorers (Ages 3-5)

Early Explorers sets the stage for a lifetime of global curiosity, delivering monthly packages that introduce children to new countries and cultures through interactive souvenirs, activity books, puzzles, and more.

World Edition (Ages 6-10)

The World Edition subscription equips children with the tools to embark on a global adventure, exploring a new country each month through activities, books, and games that celebrate diverse cultures and traditions.

Kitchen Adventures (Ages 7-10)

Kitchen Adventures combines the joy of cooking with the discovery of world cultures, offering monthly boxes filled with recipes, cooking tools, and activities that introduce children to global culinary traditions.

HOMER Early Learning Kits (Ages 3-8)

HOMER Early Learning Kits complement the Little Passports subscriptions by focusing on foundational learning skills across reading, math, social & emotional learning, creativity, and thinking skills. Each kit is designed to engage children with 3-5 reusable activities that not only entertain, but also educate. From wearables for imaginative play to activity books and card games that build skills while having fun, these kits offer a hands-on approach to early learning. Parents also receive learning guides with tips from educational experts, ensuring they can support their child’s development effectively. Each box also includes a theme-related collectible patch, adding an element of excitement and achievement for young learners. With HOMER Early Learning Kits, children embark on a journey that prepares them for a seamless transition to more advanced topics like World Edition or Science Expeditions after 30 months, ensuring continuous learning and exploration.

BUNDLE TWO KITS * SAVE $72: Includes HOMER Early Learning Kits and Early Explorers for 12 Months $299.40 billed every 12 months, offering families an exceptional value to kickstart their child’s educational adventure with a comprehensive blend of subjects.

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Little Passports stands out as a valuable resource for parents seeking to enrich their children’s learning with fun, interactive content that spans a wide range of subjects. From the depths of the ocean with Animals Wild to the far reaches of space with Space Quest, each subscription is a doorway to discovery, designed to ignite a lifelong passion for learning and exploration. With flexible pricing options, the ability to share among siblings, and the convenience of automatic renewal, Little Passports is a gift of knowledge that keeps on giving, month after month.

Broadening Horizons: The Benefits of Little Passports

Little Passports Review

A World of Discovery for Every Age

Little Passports ensures that no child is left behind on this journey of exploration. For the youngest adventurers, aged 3 to 5, Early Explorers sets the stage for a lifelong curiosity about the world, introducing them to the wonders that lie beyond their doorstep. Animal enthusiasts can dive into the world of Animals Wild, where learning about fascinating creatures becomes a playful and engaging experience. The HOMER Early Learning Kits extend this exploration further for children aged 3-6, focusing on foundational skills such as reading, math, social & emotional learning, creativity, and thinking skills, ensuring a well-rounded developmental approach.

STEM Adventures and Cultural Journeys

As children grow, so does their capacity for more complex discoveries. Ages 5 to 8 are invited to embark on STEM explorations through Science Junior and Space Quest, where the mysteries of science and the universe become accessible and thrilling. For those aged 6 to 10, the World Edition subscription opens doors to new places and cultures, enriching their understanding of the global community.

For the Older Explorers

Children over the age of 8 are not forgotten, with Science Expeditions offering hands-on scientific discovery that challenges and expands their knowledge. Meanwhile, culinary curious kids aged 7 and up can indulge in global culinary adventures with Kitchen Adventures, combining recipes from America’s Test Kitchen Kids with activities from Little Passports to serve up a delicious learning experience.

The Creative Minds Behind the Magic

What sets Little Passports apart is not just its educational content but the diverse and talented team behind each product. With backgrounds ranging from museum interactive design, childhood literature studies, Montessori teaching, to personal experiences of living in diverse countries and growing up in mixed culture households, the team brings a rich tapestry of insights into each kit. By collaborating with external experts and educators, Little Passports ensures authenticity, age-appropriateness, and a constant spark of curiosity. This commitment to quality and engagement is designed to inspire creativity, build connections, and, most importantly, fuel fun in learning.

Little Passports embodies the essence of learning through exploration, making it an invaluable resource for parents seeking to broaden their children’s horizons. With a subscription to Little Passports, the world becomes a classroom, where every package delivered to your door is a new chapter in the grand adventure of growing up.

Real Talk: Little Passports Reviews – Pros and Cons

Based on the reviews gathered from Amazon for the Little Passports subscriptions across different editions, here’s a comprehensive look at the pros and cons, ensuring an informative and straightforward review.


  1. Engaging and Educational Content: Across the board, Little Passports is praised for its engaging and educational content. The subscriptions introduce children to a wide range of topics from geography and cultures with the World Edition, to animals with Animals Wild, and STEM subjects with Science Junior and Science Expeditions. This variety ensures there’s something for every child, sparking curiosity and learning.
  2. High-Quality Materials: Reviewers frequently mention the high quality of materials included in the boxes. From sturdy boxes and suitcases to well-crafted activity booklets and toys, the materials are designed to withstand the curiosity and enthusiasm of young explorers.
  3. Inspires Creativity and Imagination: The creative team behind Little Passports, with their diverse backgrounds in museum interactives, childhood literature, Montessori education, and more, brings a rich mix of talents to the products. This diversity is reflected in the subscriptions, which are consistently noted for inspiring creativity, building connections, and fueling fun.
  4. Family Bonding Experience: Many reviews highlight how Little Passports has become a family bonding activity. Parents and guardians appreciate the opportunity to explore and learn alongside their children, making each new package a much-anticipated event.


  1. Perceived Value vs. Cost: A common critique among some reviewers is the perceived value of the content relative to the subscription cost. While many find the educational and entertainment value to be worth the price, others feel that the content, especially in the smaller packages, does not justify the cost.
  2. Age Appropriateness: Some reviews indicate that the age ranges suggested by Little Passports might not always align with children’s abilities and interests. For instance, certain activities in the Science Junior subscription may be too complex for younger children in the suggested age range, requiring significant parental involvement.
  3. Expectation vs. Reality: A few reviewers expressed disappointment in the difference between their expectations of what the box would contain versus what was actually included. This was particularly noted in reviews where the physical contents seemed minimal compared to the subscription price.
  4. Durability of Some Items: While the overall quality of materials is highly praised, there are isolated comments about the durability of some items, particularly those meant for hands-on activities. Some parents noted that these components could be more robust to better suit the enthusiastic handling by children.

In summary, Little Passports offers a wide-ranging educational experience that is highly valued by many families for its ability to engage children in learning about the world in a fun and interactive way. While there are some concerns regarding cost and age appropriateness, the positive impact on children’s learning and the quality of the materials are frequently highlighted as key benefits of the subscription.

Wrapping Up the Adventure: Is Little Passports Worth It?

Exploring Little Passports opens up a world of educational possibilities, designed to ignite curiosity and foster a passion for discovery in children. With its diverse range of themes, from the mysteries of science to the wonders of world cultures, Little Passports stands out for its engaging content and high-quality materials. Each box is a new adventure, packed with hands-on activities that blend learning with fun, making education an exciting journey rather than a chore. The commitment to delivering a comprehensive educational experience is evident, offering substantial value to families seeking to supplement their child’s learning outside the classroom.

However, the investment in Little Passports is not insignificant, prompting families to weigh its cost against the potential benefits. While the price point may be a consideration, the unique blend of entertainment and education, coupled with the durability and reusability of the materials, presents a compelling case. For those prioritizing educational enrichment and family bonding through collaborative learning, Little Passports offers a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and grow together. Ultimately, the value of Little Passports hinges on your child’s engagement and your educational aspirations, making it a worthy consideration for families eager to embark on a global learning adventure from the comfort of their home.

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