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Elephant Learning Review: Unveiling An Innovative Math Learning 2024

Elephant Learning is a game-changing math education platform founded by two PhD mathematicians and university professors. Initially created for their own children, it now empowers over 100,000 students, spanning from counting through Algebra and beyond. Elephant Learning‘s adaptive algorithms bridge gaps in understanding, making math accessible for children as young as 2 years old. In just 13 weeks, students dedicating under 40 minutes per week achieved a remarkable 1.67 years of math progress.

How Does Elephant Learning Work?

Elephant Learning employs a unique and effective approach to teaching mathematics, focusing on fundamental concepts as if they were a language. This distinctive methodology has proven to be exceptionally beneficial in enhancing students’ comprehension and application of mathematical principles.

Understanding Concepts over Memorization

One of the key distinctions of Elephant Learning is its emphasis on understanding mathematical ideas rather than rote memorization. This approach has shown that students who can articulate and discuss these concepts with a teacher or parent are more adept at learning strategies and absorbing classroom instruction. Instead of simply memorizing facts and figures, students learn the tables because they recognize them as valuable tools to solve real-world problems they encounter in their daily lives.

Boosting Confidence and Enjoyment

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As students gain a deeper understanding of mathematics through Elephant Learning, they often report heightened confidence and a newfound enjoyment for the subject. It transforms math from a mundane task into an engaging puzzle to be solved. This shift in perspective not only improves their overall attitude towards math but also strengthens their problem-solving skills.

Placement Exam for Customized Learning

For older students, Elephant Learning initiates the learning journey with a placement exam. This assessment is designed to start slightly behind the student’s current level, gradually catching up. This deliberate approach serves to build confidence, as the initial levels are comfortably manageable, and they progressively become more challenging.

Targeted Progression and Gap Identification

Once the student’s level of understanding is determined, Elephant Learning follows a carefully structured progression. The system introduces puzzles that incrementally guide the student from their current level upwards, with each puzzle hinting at the next. In the event that a student encounters difficulty or forgets a concept, the system is designed to identify and address the gap in their understanding, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Real-time Feedback and Support

Elephant Learning provides parents with detailed reports, offering insights into the student’s progress and areas of focus. These reports facilitate meaningful conversations with the student, ensuring accuracy and allowing for correction if necessary. Moreover, the system offers a range of activities outside the platform to reinforce learning.

Tailored Guidance Every Step of the Way

The platform is highly adaptable to individual learning situations, and Elephant Learning offers continuous guidance. It alerts you to potential challenges and provides coaching to address any concerns or anxieties that may arise.

Impressive Results with Minimal Time Investment

On average, students who dedicate just 30 minutes per week to Elephant Learning have demonstrated astounding progress, equivalent to 1.5 years of mathematics over a 10-week period. While most students excel with minimal parental assistance, occasional extra attention may be required. The platform provides guidance on how to support your child’s learning, and the customer success team is readily available for further assistance if needed.

Elephant Learning’s innovative approach, focusing on understanding rather than memorization, along with its personalized learning path, comprehensive reports, and unparalleled results, makes it a standout tool for math education. With Elephant Learning, students not only learn math, they master it.

Elephant Learning’s Pricing Information

Elephant Learning offers two flexible pricing plans to cater to your child’s math learning needs. Here’s a breakdown of the shared features:

  • Proven System for effective math learning.
  • Learning Mathematics as a Language for deep comprehension.
  • Guaranteed Results, ensuring progress and success.
  • Parent Coaching Videos to support parents through the journey.
  • Individualized Lesson Plans tailored to your child’s unique needs.
  • Transparent Reports for easy progress tracking.
  • Automated Monitoring and Alerts for timely support.
  • Compatibility with All Standards & Curriculums, aligning with educational requirements.

Comparing One Student and Family Plans:

Here’s a quick overview of the key differences between the One Student and Family Plans:

FeaturesOne Student PlanFamily Plan
Live Coaching Sessions2 per month for 1 student2 per month per student (up to 3 students)
Monthly Price$50$90
Yearly Price$500$900
Number of Students1Up to 3 at sign up
Suitable ForIndividual studentsFamilies and Homeschools

Both plans provide access to Elephant Learning’s powerful math learning platform, ensuring your child receives a personalized and effective education. Whether you have one child or multiple, Elephant Learning has a plan designed to support their mathematical journey while saving you money with the yearly subscription.

Features and Benefits of Elephant Learning

Elephant Learning stands out as an innovative and effective platform for math education, offering a range of features and benefits that cater to diverse learning needs. Here, we delve into the key attributes that make Elephant Learning a game-changer in math learning.

Compatible with All Standards & Curriculums

Elephant Learning’s approach to teaching math as a language ensures compatibility with various educational standards and curriculums, including UK, AUS, and Common Core. What sets it apart from Common Core is its straightforwardness and inclusivity. Regardless of the curriculum your child’s teacher employs, Elephant Learning bridges the gap and helps students grasp the concepts effectively.

Coaching & Tutoring for Comprehensive Support

One of the standout features of Elephant Learning is the inclusion of trained Results Counselors who provide invaluable coaching and support. Whether your child experiences math anxiety or has an insatiable love for mathematics, they’re equipped to guide them towards success. Each month, two personalized coaching sessions are included with the tuition, ensuring that every student gets the attention and encouragement they need.

Lesson Plans for Optimal Learning

Elephant Learning’s system is dynamic, adapting continuously to meet the unique needs of each student. When a student answers incorrectly, the system identifies the gap in their understanding and fills it with tailored activities. Conversely, when a student answers correctly, they are swiftly propelled forward to the next level. This personalized approach ensures that students are consistently engaged with activities that match their current level of comprehension, expediting the learning process.

Transparent Reporting for Informed Progress Tracking

The Elephant Learning system simplifies complex standards into the Elephant Age™, a single metric that provides a clear overview of your student’s progress. In addition to this, the platform offers subject-specific videos and expert parental advice on how to extend learning beyond the system. This comprehensive reporting tool is unparalleled in the market, allowing you to digitally share your student’s progress with their teacher or tutor. Moreover, the system evaluates proficiency in understanding the language of mathematics, enabling real-world application of learned concepts.

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Automated Monitoring & Alerts for Timely Intervention

Elephant Learning’s intelligent system is designed to detect signs of student struggle. When such indicators arise, it automatically alerts you to initiate coaching conversations with your student, ensuring they stay on track with their progress. The platform also provides an extensive library of resources on managing mathematics anxiety and effective teaching methods. This empowers you to become your child’s most effective math coach.

Versatile Compatibility for Easy Access

Elephant Learning’s award-winning platform is web-based and compatible with a range of systems, including Chrome, Safari, and Chromebook. This versatility ensures that students can access the platform seamlessly on devices that support these browsers.

Tablet and Phone Support for On-the-Go Learning

For added convenience, Elephant Learning offers a native application that can be downloaded, providing easy access to your student’s profile. With the option to log in via QR code, getting started is more straightforward than ever. The platform is supported on iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire devices, allowing for learning on the go.

Gamified Curriculum for Intuitive Learning

Elephant Learning’s curriculum is designed to be engaging and game-like, fostering intuition in mathematical concepts. This gamified approach makes learning enjoyable and helps students build a natural understanding of math.

Increased Understanding Leads to Heightened Curiosity

As students deepen their understanding of mathematics through Elephant Learning, they often find their curiosity piqued. This increased interest in the subject matter encourages further exploration and learning.

Experiential Learning for Enhanced Retention

The experiential learning approach employed by Elephant Learning enhances retention of mathematical concepts. By engaging students in hands-on, practical experiences, the platform ensures that learned knowledge is firmly retained.

Elephant Learning’s array of features and benefits cater to a wide spectrum of learners, making it a powerful tool in the realm of math education. From personalized lesson plans to transparent reporting, this platform empowers both students and parents, ultimately leading to a more confident and capable math learner. Elevate your child’s math skills with Elephant Learning today.

How Results are Provided in Elephant Learning

Understanding your child’s progress in math is crucial. Elephant Learning offers a robust system for evaluating and communicating your child’s advancement in a clear and concise manner.

The Elephant Age™: A Powerful Metric for Progress Assessment

The Elephant Age™ is a unique metric that provides a quick snapshot of your child’s mathematical proficiency. It represents the average age at which a student outside of our system would be doing the same level of mathematics as your child. Calculated using federal and state standards, the Elephant Age™ simplifies the assessment process into a single, easy-to-understand number.

The Placement Exam: Tailoring Learning to Your Child’s Level

For students above five years old, Elephant Learning begins with a placement exam. This exam is carefully designed to start slightly behind your child’s current level of understanding, gradually catching up. This intentional approach boosts your child’s confidence from the outset. Once completed, you receive a detailed report explaining the placement and how your child’s initial Elephant Age™ was determined.

Proven Curriculum: Backed by Scientific Expertise

Elephant Learning’s curriculum is not only rooted in scientific research, but it’s also crafted from proven methods of early age education. Developed by PhD Mathematicians and Scientists, the curriculum is strategically designed to be less repetitive and more effective. Advanced algorithms ensure that the program keeps pace with your child’s evolving understanding.

Experiential Learning Through Gamification

Elephant Learning integrates the latest research in mathematics education to provide students with an engaging, experiential learning environment. It’s akin to playing a puzzle game, like “Angry Birds”, but with a focus on teaching the language of mathematics. This gamified approach ensures that your child not only learns, but enjoys the process. The result? An actively engaged student in the classroom.

Elephant Learning provides a comprehensive and reliable system for tracking your child’s progress in mathematics. The Elephant Age™, placement exams, scientifically-designed curriculum, experiential learning, and guaranteed results all work in harmony to ensure your child not only learns math effectively but also enjoys the process. It’s a winning formula for math success.

Statistics: The Impact of Elephant Learning on Math Proficiency

Understanding the stark realities of math proficiency in early education is crucial. Elephant Learning emerges as a beacon of hope, actively reversing troubling statistics and empowering students for a brighter mathematical future.

A Sobering Reality: Urgency for Change

In today’s educational landscape, a staggering 80% of students entering kindergarten find themselves struggling to comprehend mathematics. This alarming statistic spotlights a critical gap in early math education, where many young learners embark on their educational journey without a sturdy foundation, making it a challenge to grasp fundamental concepts.

Transitioning from High School to Practical Mathematics

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As students transition from high school to the real world, a mere 25% can claim proficiency in high school mathematics upon leaving. This stark statistic underscores the challenge many face in translating their theoretical high school math education into practical, real-world applications.

Shift in Academic Majors: The Ripple Effect of Math Struggles

A significant 69% of STEM and Business majors choose to pivot towards fields that demand less mathematics. This statistic paints a concerning picture of students diverting from potentially lucrative fields due to math-related difficulties. The consequences ripple through career opportunities and earning potential.

Breaking the Cycle: Elevating Education and Opportunities

Research data illustrates a disheartening cycle: students entering kindergarten unprepared for the curriculum tend to stay behind. The key takeaway is clear: when students start with a solid foundation in math, they are poised for success throughout their educational journey.

Empowerment Through Mathematics: Paving the Path to Success

Elephant Learning emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a transformative pathway for students. By fortifying mathematical proficiency, Elephant Learning unlocks doors to improved reading, writing, and communication skills. Moreover, a solid foundation in STEM fields not only promises higher earning potential but also fosters a deeper understanding of financial principles.

Teaching Mathematics as a Universal Language: A Game-Changer

The approach taken by Elephant Learning is revolutionary. By viewing mathematics as a language, they’ve transcended barriers that often impede learning. Their tools and techniques cater to every child, regardless of background or anxiety levels. This empowers students to not only understand but also fluently communicate and apply mathematical concepts.

Elephant Learning stands as a game-changer in math education. Their commitment to addressing sobering statistics and providing an innovative learning approach is reshaping the future of math proficiency for students. Through the universal language of mathematics, Elephant Learning unlocks doors to greater educational and economic opportunities.

Conclusion: Elevate Math Skills with Elephant Learning

Elephant Learning revolutionizes math education, seamlessly blending advanced science and interactive gamification. This Montessori-like approach guides students from foundational counting to intricate Algebra, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey.

Supported by a dedicated customer success team available through chat, email, and phone, Elephant Learning provides expert assistance for a smooth learning experience. With a bold guarantee of at least 1 year of progress in just 3 months (with 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week), Elephant Learning offers a risk-free opportunity for significant advancement. Plus, enjoy complete flexibility with no contracts—cancel anytime, while still respecting the current month. Elevate your child’s math skills effortlessly with Elephant Learning!

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