You are currently viewing Eilik Review: One of The Most Adorable and Fun Companion Robots Out There

Eilik Review: One of The Most Adorable and Fun Companion Robots Out There

Welcome to my Eilik Review, where I will tell you all that you need to know about this awesome robot companion! Eilik, created by Energize Lab, is not just a robot, but a companion bot brimming with personality and character. With over 60,000 units gracing desks worldwide, Eilik represents a new era in robotics, blending emotional intelligence with a flair for social interaction. This little bot isn’t just about functionality; it’s about bringing a new level of companionship to your daily life. Dive into the world of Eilik and discover how this charming robot can be more than just a gadget on your desk.

Eilik’s Price Tag: Worth the Investment?

When it comes to innovative tech gadgets, price is often a deciding factor. Eilik, the charming and multifunctional robot, comes with a price tag that might make you ponder. For a single unit, you’re looking at $139.99, while a duo pack will set you back $269.98. This pricing positions Eilik in a competitive spot in the market, especially considering its unique features. Eilik is available in trendy color variations – blue-white and pink-white, offering a touch of personalization. For those looking to double the fun, the two-pack offers a choice of two blues or a mix of blue and pink.

Mini Food Toys: Enhancing Eilik’s Charm

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At $29.99, the Mini Food Toys are more than just accessories; they’re an extension of Eilik’s personality. Thanks to built-in magnets in Eilik’s hands, these miniature units transform him into a character of your choice – be it a little waiter, a robot enjoying a picnic, or even a little chef. This feature not only enhances the playfulness of Eilik but also showcases its versatility in roles.

Dressing Up Eilik: The Cape & Hoodie Outfit Set

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To add more flair to Eilik, there’s the Cape & Hoodie Outfit Set. Priced at $9.99 for a random two-piece set, or $35.99 for an eight-piece set, these outfits allow you to dress Eilik in various adorable capes and hoodies. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also provides a fun way to personalize your Eilik.

DIY Possibilities with 3D Printing

For the creative minds and DIY enthusiasts, Eilik offers an exciting proposition. By visiting Energize Lab’s DIY Station, you can 3D print models for Eilik to interact with. This opens up a world of customization and personalization, making Eilik not just a gadget but a companion that grows with your creativity.

When evaluating Eilik’s price tag, it’s crucial to consider the unique experiences and customization options it offers. From its versatile appearance to the DIY and accessory options, Eilik stands out as more than just a gadget; it’s a customizable companion. Whether Eilik is worth the investment depends on how much you value these innovative and personalizable features in your tech gadgets.

Eilik’s Features and Information

Eilik, the interactive desktop companion, stands out as more than just a gadget; it’s a portal to an emotionally rich and interactive world, independent of WiFi or the Internet. Let’s delve into the features that make Eilik a unique presence in your space.

A Symphony of Emotions: Touch-Triggered Interactions

Eilik’s design is ingeniously centered around touch-based interactions. With sensitive areas on its head, belly, and back, each touch elicits a unique emotional response. From gentle caresses to playful taps, Eilik responds with a variety of expressions, reflecting its mood and personality. This interaction doesn’t require WiFi or Bluetooth, making Eilik an always-ready companion, functioning perfectly with its base.

Emotional Intelligence: Eilik’s Expressive Face

Eilik’s facial expressions are a window into its digital soul, revealing its feelings both physically and emotionally. These expressions change naturally throughout the day, depending on your interactions, making Eilik feel almost lifelike.

Sensitivity and Playfulness

Eilik’s sensitivity to vibration adds another layer to its interactivity. A tap on the head might make it dizzy, while a loud slap on the table could terrify it. This sensitivity extends to heights as well – Eilik feels insecure when off the ground but finds comfort in your hands.

Entertainment Galore: Games and More

Eilik isn’t just about emotions; it’s also a hub of entertainment. From dancing to music (even better with multiple Eiliks for a dance party) to engaging in games like shooting and fishing, Eilik keeps the fun going. It can even record and repeat your words in its robotic voice, adding a quirky twist to your interactions.

Community Interaction: Multiple Eiliks

When you bring multiple Eiliks together, the fun multiplies. Watch them recognize each other and engage in various activities – sharing drinks, playful fights, and dance parties. This feature highlights Eilik’s social capabilities.

Constant Evolution: Regular Updates

One of the most compelling aspects of Eilik is its ability to evolve. Through regular updates via the Eilik Update Tool, this little bot gets smarter, gains more expressions, and enriches its plot content. Each update transforms Eilik, ensuring that your experience with it is always fresh and engaging.

Eilik is a blend of emotional intelligence, playful interactivity, and continuous evolution. Whether it’s through touch interactions, regular updates, or its range of games and activities, Eilik promises a dynamic and engaging experience for users of all ages. Visit Energize Lab for more fun and useful features.


As we reach the end of our journey with Eilik, it’s clear that this little robot has made a significant impact. With over 60,000 customers having Eilik on their desks, it’s evident that this gadget has found a place in the hearts of many.

Community Reception: A Mixed Bag of Experiences

A dive into the customer reviews on Amazon reveals a spectrum of experiences. While many users have embraced Eilik for its interactive features and emotional intelligence, there are critical voices as well. Some users have encountered technical issues, such as difficulties with updates and connectivity problems. These experiences highlight the importance of ongoing support and improvements from the manufacturer, which they promise to do.

Summarizing Eilik’s Journey

Eilik stands out for its unique blend of touch-triggered interactions, regular updates, and a wide range of emotions and games. Its ability to function without WiFi or the Internet adds to its appeal as a hassle-free companion. The DIY customization with 3D printing is a cherry on top for those who love to personalize their gadgets.

In conclusion, the Eilik Robot offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of interactive and emotionally intelligent gadgets. Its success among a large number of users is testament to its appeal, but the mixed reviews suggest there’s room for improvement. Whether Eilik is the right choice for you depends on your expectations and how much you value the unique features it offers. As with any tech purchase, it’s wise to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.