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BrainPOP Review: The Amazing Teaching Program For Kids in 2024

Elevate your child’s learning experience with BrainPOP, designed to supercharge school success from the comfort of home. Delve into a realm where BrainPOP’s captivating movies simplify intricate topics, quizzes measure comprehension, and games crafted by learning experts enhance critical thinking. Whether it’s the foundational BrainPOP Jr. for grades K-3 or the comprehensive BrainPOP for grades 3-8, each plan is meticulously curated to expand vocabulary and boost comprehension. And for families with diverse age groups? The BrainPOP Combo has you covered. With BrainPOP, learning becomes a thrilling journey, instilling both curiosity and confidence in young minds.

Pricing and Programs Explained

Navigating the world of educational platforms can be daunting, especially when it comes to understanding the pricing and the value offered. In this section, we’ll break down the pricing and programs of BrainPOP Family Plans, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Special Offers and Trials

BrainPOP kicks off your educational journey with a tempting offer: a free 2-week trial. This allows you to test the waters before diving in. And if you’re convinced of its value, there’s a 33% discount awaiting you on the annual Family plan at checkout, no special codes required. For families with more than two children, it’s worth noting that a second Family plan would be necessary. Rest assured, your account won’t be charged until the trial period concludes.

Save 33% on one year of BrainPOP and send kids to school with confidence

Diverse Plans Tailored to Your Needs

  • BrainPOP Jr.: Priced at $119/year, this plan is tailored for young learners in grades K-3. With over 250 topics, BrainPOP Jr. is a treasure trove of digital educational content. It’s designed to spark curiosity in young minds, encouraging them to ask questions and form their own ideas. The platform offers animated movies, learning games, concept mapping, and interactive features catering to different learning styles. The text is read aloud, ensuring comprehension even for budding readers. From building foundational learning skills to introducing financial literacy, BrainPOP Jr. is all about setting the stage for lifelong learning.
  • BrainPOP: At $129/year, this plan targets kids in grades 3-8. BrainPOP offers content on over 1200 topics, spanning core subjects and extending to arts, health, and technology. Each topic is presented through an engaging animated movie, followed by quizzes and interactive activities. The platform also allows children to produce their own BrainPOP-style movies, digital concept maps, and even delve into coding projects. It’s not just about absorbing information; it’s about expressing understanding creatively.
  • BrainPOP Combo: Designed for multiple learners from grades K-8, this plan comes at $159/year. It’s a comprehensive package, combining the best of BrainPOP Jr. and BrainPOP.

Additional Perks

Every subscription comes with a bonus: access through BrainPOP’s free iOS app. This means learning on-the-go becomes a breeze. From movies to quizzes, everything your child loves about BrainPOP is now at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

In-Depth Look at BrainPOP Jr. and BrainPOP

BrainPOP Jr. offers a plethora of activities. From movies that make new topics approachable to fun quizzes tailored to their skill level, it’s all about playful learning. The platform boasts over 200 age-appropriate topics across all subjects, complemented by playful assessments, drawing activities, and even text-to-speech features for accessibility.

On the other hand, BrainPOP is about diving deeper. It encourages higher-order thinking, hones cognitive and literacy skills, and pushes kids to think both critically and creatively. The platform is a blend of fun and learning, ensuring screen time is both valuable and enjoyable.

Engaging Activities in BrainPOP

Fueling curiosity and fostering a love for learning, BrainPOP has seamlessly integrated education with entertainment. Here’s a comprehensive review of just a few of the activities they offer:

BrainPOP Movies (3-8)

BrainPOP movies are not just animations; they are a blend of fun and knowledge. With a runtime averaging five minutes, these movies introduce kids to a plethora of topics. The narrative, starring BrainPOP’s ever-growing cast of characters, ensures that key concepts, dates, and keywords are not just taught but experienced.

BrainPOP Quizzes (3-8)

BrainPOP quizzes are meticulously crafted to assess a child’s grasp over the content shown in the movies. With ten multiple-choice questions, these quizzes challenge kids to think beyond the obvious. The Review quiz option ensures understanding before proceeding, while the Graded quiz tests knowledge without hand-holding.

BrainPOP Jr. Movies & Quizzes

Tailored for younger minds, BrainPOP Jr. movies star Annie and Moby, making learning an adventure. Pausing these 3-5 minute animations can spark interesting discussions. The quizzes, available in Easy and Hard formats, are designed to test comprehension while being age-appropriate.

Coding with BrainPOP


In a digital age, BrainPOP takes the lead in making computer programming approachable. Their resources, crafted by educators, demystify coding. Movies like “Computer Programming” for different age groups elucidate how coding is akin to giving instructions. Games like “Blockly Maze” and “Code Combat: Ogre Encounter” make coding interactive and fun.

Summer Reading and Math with BrainPOP

BrainPOP ensures that summer isn’t just about relaxation, but also about nurturing the reading habit. Their movies on famous authors like Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl ignite a passion for literature. Games like “Minecart Mash” and “Jessica’s Joyride” make reading an interactive experience.

BrainPOP transforms math from a subject to an experience. Activities like “Elapsed Time” and “Comparing Prices” make math relatable. Nature walks post the “Fibonacci Sequence” movie can turn into a math treasure hunt. Games like “Battleship Numberline” and “Satisfraction” make math challenges enjoyable.

Conflict Resolution

BrainPOP takes on the essential task of teaching kids about managing conflicts. Movies like “Anger” and “Conflict Resolution” provide strategies to handle disagreements. Games like “Anger Skits” and “Meaning of Beep: Conflict Resolution” make the learning interactive.

Earth Month Activities

BrainPOP’s Earth Month activities are a tribute to our planet. Movies like “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and “National Parks” instill a sense of responsibility. Games like “Sortify: Natural Resources” and “Food Fight!” make learning about the environment fun.

Spring Break Activities

BrainPOP ensures that Spring Break is both fun and educational. Activities like “Rainbow Scavenger Hunt” and “Camouflage Catwalk” are not just games but learning experiences. “Savvy Savers” and “Map it Out” teach essential skills in an engaging manner.

BrainPOP is a treasure trove of activities that cater to every child’s curiosity. It’s not just about movies or quizzes; it’s about experiencing knowledge. The activities are kid-tested and teacher-approved, ensuring that learning at home is both fun and effective.

Is BrainPOP Worth It? Unveiling the Benefits


In the vast realm of educational platforms, BrainPOP stands out as a beacon of interactive learning. But is it truly worth the investment? Let’s delve into the benefits of BrainPOP to provide a comprehensive review.

Playful Learning Experience

BrainPOP has masterfully combined education with entertainment. With its engaging learning games, animated movies, and activities, it ensures that learning is never a mundane task. Designed with depth, relevance, and a touch of humor, it guides kids on their unique learning journeys, making every step enjoyable.

Educator-Centric Approach

BrainPOP is not just for children; it’s a boon for educators. With tools optimized for classroom use, it supports teachers in diverse settings. These tools have been refined by millions of hours of usage, ensuring that they cater to the real needs of educators worldwide.

Promoting Reflective Learning

One of the standout features of BrainPOP is its emphasis on reflective learning. It doesn’t just provide information; it challenges kids to think, reflect, and make connections. This approach fosters deeper, curiosity-driven learning, ensuring that knowledge is not just acquired but internalized.

A Global Learning Platform

BrainPOP’s reach is truly global. Covering universal topics, it offers localization for major world languages, including Spanish and French. With its mobile-ready design, BrainPOP ensures that learning knows no boundaries.

Family Subscription Benefits

For those with a Family subscription using an iOS device, BrainPOP offers a unique feature. From the app, parents can view a timeline of their child’s activity. Whether it’s movies watched or quiz scores, tracking progress becomes a breeze. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is currently unavailable for Android users.

Making Learning Relevant

BrainPOP excels in connecting complex academic concepts to real-world experiences. This approach ensures that learning is not just theoretical but practical, making it more memorable and relevant.

Trackable Progress

With BrainPOP, tracking a child’s progress is straightforward. It offers measurable milestones and reporting, ensuring that every learner’s journey is on the right path.

Building Essential Skills

BrainPOP is committed to equipping kids with critical literacy skills essential for lifelong learning and success. Whether it’s reading, writing, or comprehension, BrainPOP has it covered. For a deeper dive into how BrainPOP strengthens literacy skills, click here.

Equitable Learning Opportunities

BrainPOP’s Access for All framework ensures that every child, regardless of their background, has an equal opportunity to learn.

Research-Backed Benefits

BrainPOP’s effectiveness is not just anecdotal; it’s backed by research. Studies have shown that BrainPOP:

BrainPOP is more than just an educational platform; it’s a comprehensive learning ecosystem. With its playful approach, educator-focused tools, and research-backed benefits, it’s undoubtedly worth the investment. Whether you’re a child, parent, or educator, BrainPOP promises a learning experience like no other.

Conclusion: The Final Verdict on BrainPOP Family Plans

Navigating the vast world of educational platforms can be daunting for parents and educators alike. With a plethora of options available, the question remains: Which platform truly stands out? Let’s conclude our exploration of BrainPOP’s Family Plans.

A Tailored Approach to Learning

BrainPOP has mastered the art of making learning resonate. By prioritizing kids’ interests, infusing humor, and fostering creativity, it ensures that learning isn’t just another task but an enjoyable journey. This unique approach empowers kids to face their learning challenges head-on and achieve their academic goals with confidence.

A Legacy of Trust

For over two decades, BrainPOP’s animated characters have been a beacon of trust in the educational realm. Their friendly and engaging demeanor has made complex topics accessible and fun for children. With a presence in 2 out of 3 US school districts and reaching an impressive 25 million children annually, BrainPOP’s impact is undeniable.

Federal Validation and Funding

BrainPOP isn’t just popular; it’s effective. Meeting the ESSA Tier II and Tier III requirements, BrainPOP is not only eligible for federal funding dollars but also aligns seamlessly with districts’ needs, complementing core curricula effectively.

Proven Academic Impact

The benefits of BrainPOP aren’t just theoretical; they’re backed by tangible results. According to a study, children utilizing BrainPOP showcased improved performance in their ELA, Math, and Science state test scores. Furthermore, another research indicates that consistent engagement with BrainPOP assessments can lead to a significant 17% increase in a child’s literacy skill proficiency across various subjects.

In Conclusion

BrainPOP’s Family Plans are more than just an educational tool; they’re a comprehensive learning solution. With its student-centric approach, legacy of trust, federal validation, and proven academic impact, BrainPOP stands out as a premier choice for families. If you’re seeking an engaging, effective, and trusted platform for your child’s educational journey, BrainPOP’s Family Plans are undoubtedly worth the investment.

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